R400-MGMT Series Management Server

R400-MGMT Series Management Server

Typically used in medium to large scale video surveillance installations, the management server is the central component of the VMS system. It stores the configuration of the surveillance system in a relational database, either on the management server computer itself or on a separate SQL server on the network. It also handles user authentication, user rights, the rule system and more. To improve system performance, you can run several management servers as a Milestone Federated Architecture™. The management server runs as a service, and is typically installed on a dedicated server. Users connect to the management server for initial authentication, then transparently to the recording servers for access to for video recordings, etc.

  • Form Factor - Rack
  • Rack Spaces - 1U
  • Processor - Intel Xeon E3 CPU
  • Memory - 12GB RAM
  • Optical Drive - Internal DVD Drive
  • HDD - 2 x 480GB SSD
  • Operating System - Windows Server Standard 2012 R2
  • Video Outputs - 1 x VGA
  • Network Ports - 4 x 10/100/1000
  • Power Supply - 400 Watts
  • System Restore - Included
  • Mouse & Keyboard - Included
  • Weight - 48lbs
  • Dimensions D x W x H - 24.5" x 14.5" x 2"
  • Warranty - 3 Years

R400-MGMT-W2K12R2 Specifications PDF

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  • Management Server for 1 to 300 Cameras
  • Max Throughput - 200 Mbps
  • 1U Rack Chassis
  • Intel Xeon E3 CPU
  • Windows Server Standard 2012 R2
  • VGA Monitor Output
  • Brand: Avanti
  • Product Code: R400-MGMT
  • Availability: In Stock