About Us - Avanti


Avanti manufacturers a complete line of video recording servers, workstations, and storage systems specifically for security use.  Avanti machines are engineered and optimized to handle the most challenging and critical security applications.  Avanti offers a complete line of ready designed and custom solutions for your preferred industry software partner, pre-loaded for fast and easy deployment.


Avanti enterprise-grade recording servers provide a highly reliable and manageable hardware platform for any video recording application.  From small-scale single-site installations to enterprise solutions incorporating hundreds of cameras deployed across the globe, Avanti has a flexible and scalable hardware solution to meet any need.


Avanti storage solutions are customized to meet any requirement.  Whether it's a direct-attached storage unit ot extend recording time, an iSCSI backup server for offsite distaster recoery, or a high-performance network storage array for large-scale HD megapixel camera recording, Avanti will deisng, build and deploy a solution to exactly meet youneeds.


Avanti offers a full line of pre-configured and custom designed monitoring stations that will work with CMS and remote management software from any VMS platform.  From monitoring a single location on one screen, to managing multiple sites across many montiors, Avanti has is the answer.


Customizability - Every server is custom-built to suit the exact application and end user specifications.

Interoperability - We partner with all leading DVR and NVR software manufacturers.

Scalability - Every Avanti server is upgradeable and stackable to grow alongside the end user's changing needs.

Reliability - Every component is tested and verified to hold up under the stress of 24/7 video recording.

Redundancy - Available options such as RAID configurations,dual NICs, hot-swap hard drives, hot-swap power suppies, and system-restore media ensure maximized uptime.

Quality- All Avanti servers and components come standard with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.